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We are a group of Christians, nothing more and nothing less, meeting in Saline to praise and honor God. Though we come from various walks of life, we have a common goal: to help souls get to heaven.

If you are near the Saline or Ann Arbor area, we invite you to join us for Bible class and worship service, where you will find teaching, preaching, and worship based solely on the Word of God.

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Today is Monday May 2, 2016

  1. Bible Study

    Free Bible Correspondence Courses

    We have free Bible correspondence courses available to all who are interested. Simply go through the material we send you at your own pace and send them back to receive more. We also offer in-home personal Bible studies. United States only.
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  1. Feature Sermon

    Database of Salvation

    Excerpt: Introduction Given the massive number of people who have lived are now living and will live how does God keep track in His Book of Life As humans we would use a computer database for such
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  2. Feature Sermon

    Proverbs 30:7-9

    Excerpt: Do not refuse me before I die 7 Such urgency is placed on the request because of his fear of sin and offending He asks what every Christian should to help him or her stay on the right Give me neither poverty nor riches 8
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  1. Verse of the Day

    Proverbs 15:26

    The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD, but gracious words are pure.
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  1. Apr 24, 2016 New

    Go Now to Shiloh

    Al Parr - 34:26 (16 kbps)
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  2. Apr 24, 2016 New

    What Paul Preached to rhe Governor

    Al Parr - 35:11 (16 kbps)
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  3. Feb 21, 2016

    What Peter Preached on Pentecost

    Al Parr - 32:22 (16 kbps)
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  4. Feb 14, 2016

    The Light That Shines the Farthest

    Al Parr - 43:06 (16 kbps)
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  5. Feb 14, 2016

    True Love

    Al Parr - 39:49 (16 kbps)
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  6. Feb 7, 2016

    Gambling JACKPOT! (?)

    Al Parr - 28:20 (16 kbps)
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