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Mothers‘ Day

by Al Parr
May 11, 2014
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Today is a day designed to honor mothers throughout the land. Of course, anyone paying the slightest attention has known for a month that this day was coming; ads in every store and every form of media have been urging us to buy something for Mom. The day was not originally commercial, however, and those who truly wish to honor her will remember that today.

Mother doesn't want things, she wants your success at what she prepared you for.

Mother doesn't want things, she wants your concern for others as she has always been concerned for you.

Mother doesn't want things, she wants your respect for what she has sacrificed for you.

Early “Mothers' Day" tradition was that the children made her life easier. Give her a day off: do her household chores. if you bought something it was a new work-saving appliance, or a needed piece of furniture or room make-over. The idea was to get started thinking about life from her perspective on this one day, and then keep appreciating her throughout the year.

No single influence of this world is stronger upon us than that of mother. Mother's place in the home is God-given (Proverbs 31:27; Titus 2:1-5). Mother's place in the home is essential; she is irreplaceable (Exodus 2:5-11). Those in our age, both men and women, who would change that are a threat to every civilized person, and a threat to our civilization. Life works best when Mom is what she should be - and when the rest of us appreciate her for it. Do you?