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One Truth

by Al Parr
August 23, 2015
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Open Thou the door to me,
And then my eyes,that I may see
The truth,and why it must be preached,
and by it every soul be reached.

Open,Lord,the blinded eyes
Of men to truth beneath the skies:
That God is one,and hope is one,
and so the word till time is done.

We cannot rightly stand with any
Who say,"God's one,His bodies many";
Nor yet with those who loudly hue,
"Truth's this to me, but that to you."

Yes,open,God,the mind and heart
Of every soul who would take part
Of life eternal with our Lord:
May every soul respect thy word.

And open,too,our tongues to speak
the same thing, whether strong or weak,
For what You spoke to us is one,
As all will know when life here's done.