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David and Goliath

by Jeff Randolph
July 20, 2005
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  1. The Challenge (v. 4-10)

    1. Goliath was huge. Being 9'9" tall (if a cubit is 1.5 feet and a span is 9 inches), no doubt he would have been extremely intimidating, especially when his size is coupled with his armor (approx. 270 lbs., Clarke commentary). And not only was he big, he was a very skilled fighter (champion).
    2. His challenge is not unlike those in the world today, who appear smarter and stronger, not so much physically, but intellectually, and can be very intimidating.
  2. The Fear (v. 11)

    1. The reaction of Israel is not that uncommon when Christians are faced with challenges from the world. We are sometimes blinded by fear, and lose sight of the fact that our faith is indeed defendable.
  3. The Reward (v. 25-27)

    1. As in the time of David, the reward is great for those who overcome the challenges of this world. (Rev. 3:21)
  4. The Taker (v. 32)

    1. David rises to the challenge, and does so willfully and courageously, as Christ did when He gave His life, as we should when fighting for what is right.
  5. The Doubters (v. 33)

    1. There will always be those who doubt. David didn't appear to be able to handle Goliath (after all, no one else could or wanted to), and so some out of jealousy (v. 28) and some out of genuine concern (v. 33) may try to direct our attention and energy elsewhere.
    2. Let us recognize the correct course of action despite those who do not have as much faith. (cf. Mt. 16:23)
  6. The Faith (v. 34-37)

    1. David is not swayed by Saul's concerns. His strong faith is based on previous experiences where God has delivered him, and he is confident that He will deliver him from this Philistine.
    2. This is why a Christian is to strive to grow in the grace and knowledge (2 Pet. 3:18). Only by faith through the Word of God (Rom. 10:17) can we develop the confidence to overcome some of Satan's toughest challenges.
  7. The Attitude (v. 42-47)

    1. Goliath drew his confidence from his physical perception of things. He was bigger, stronger, more skilled as a fighter, and would surely beat this young kid.
    2. It is necessary that we realize that the world draws confidence from the physical as well. A person cannot reason from anything other than what they know, and the world does not know the spiritual.
    3. The world, like Goliath, has a misplaced confidence in themselves, whereas David, and Christians likewise, can safely place their confidence in the One who made it all.
  8. The Victor (v. 48-51)

    1. Notice how David "ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine." He was ready, willing, and able to fight, and was on the right side.
    2. Many in the world today are ready, willing, and able, to give Christians a fight, but those who follow God are on the right side. (Rom. 8:31)